You Are Beautiful, Exactly As You Are

You are beautiful. Yes, you. Forget the magazines or what society defines as beautiful. You are beautiful just the way you are. Embrace and love yourself and every inch of your body no matter what size, nationality or colour. Take care of yourself and you will radiate beauty even more…Forget the person who tells you it isn’t so. Surround yourself with those who know and see your inner and outer amazingness. 
Often times as a mom, when your little ones need to get ready for school and you’re packing lunches, making sure the whole family is cared for before going out the door; it can be hard to find time for a morning beauty routine.
 If you have a baby, it can be difficult to even find time for a shower in between feeds and diaper changes.
 If you’ve been up all night because your child was sick with a fever and couldn’t sleep and you have messy hair and dark or puffy circles under your eyes, you are still beautiful.
 Just because you might not be wearing the latest fashion or makeup, or you don’t feel you have the glowing radiant skin of the faces gracing the covers of photoshopped magazine covers, it doesn’t mean you aren’t gorgeous. ‘Cause you are.
Often what we see in the media are perfectly crafted images. Images of people who’ve worked with makeup artists, stylists, photographers and videographers to make things seem perfect, when those people are just like you and me. 
Don’t listen to people who say you’re too skinny or fat or tall or short or whatever… yourself anyway and know that you are gorgeous and worthy of love no matter what body type, size or shape you are. 



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