Why To Start A Creative Practice

start a creative practice
Is there a creative practice you used to have that you wish you had more time for? Do you love making things? Chances are there might be at least one. Even if it was something that you used to do years ago. As a parent it’s not easy finding extra time for past hobbies, crafts or creative pursuits. But what if you could? 
You’re an artist and so is everyone else in this world. I’m not saying that everyone has the same skills or talents in drawing or painting or sculpture….What I’m saying is that we all have the capacity to create things of beauty that we and others can appreciate. From the moment we’re small children we play and experiment with different types of materials, paints, crafts and clays and often when we become older we don’t prioritize creative practices because so many other things come in our way and fill up our schedules. However, if you knew that by starting a creative practice you could reduce your stress and feel happier would you do it?
Creative classes or practices aren’t only for our children. We need time for creativity too. If you already know an art form you love to do, make the time for yourself to do it. 
Here are a few ways:
  • Take a class. try something you think you’ll like, whether it’s painting or drawing or pottery or sculpture or weaving or something else.
  • Organize a creative group. Start a craft or art group with friends.
  • Schedule it. Make time at least one day a week where you focus on your creative practice and notice the impact it has on your day or week.
When I had finished college, all I wanted to do was paint, in fact it was something I considered doing professionally and every day I would take out my canvases and paints and work on my pieces….it was the most therapeutic thing I did after a tough couple of years in my personal life and in academia. While I didn’t end up continuing a career as a professional artist, though I knew it was something I always enjoyed, what I learned was that the process was incredibly healing and up-lifting. 
Though I don’t have time to paint or sketch every day and am not producing as many pieces as I used to. I try to make time for it once a week or so. My daughter also loves to join in and paint or draw at the same time and it’s something we can also do together.
Making art allows you to tap into your creativity. It’s calming and fun at the same time. It’s something you can do on your own and with others. It gives you the freedom to express yourself while allowing you to spend time on artistic projects that have meaning to you.

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