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About Insider Mom Short Stories

Chances are, if you’re a busy mom you don’t have time to finish a ton of novels and books, even though you really want to. That’s where Insider Mom Short Stories come in. When you sign up to the Insider Mom Story Club, you’ll get access to one story a month that you can either read or listen to on the go. It’s totally FREE and as a member you get access to the private podcast that makes it super simple to listen to.

Want to sign up and get access to stories sent to your inbox?

How does it work?

When you sing up you’ll be sent a weekly email with a brief description and link to each story in podcast and text format, so you can either listen to it on the go or read it when you have time.

No need to buy the stories on Amazon or Audible to get access as they are totally FREE when you sign up.

Listen on the go

Whe you sign up you’ll get access to the private podcast which features a new story each episode.

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Prefer to read?

Insider Mom Short Stories are also provided in text format so you can read them when you get the chance.

Save for later

If you’re really busy one week or would like to save the stories for later, with access to the private podcast, you can listen to them whenever you’d like.

What kinds of stories are shared?

Insider Mom Short Stories are stories featuring women and moms. Whether you like fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, or mythology…each story will transport you to a different world and time. Some stories will also include uplifting and  true life lessons learned from other moms on a similar journey.

Also, you know what else is pretty neat…for some of the short stories that are in the genres of historical fiction, fantasy or mythology and are part of a longer series, you can be an active participant and help choose how the story ends by casting your vote.

This is not a book club...

Unlike a book club, you don’t have to purchase a book and read it ahead of time. The short stories also won’t take you an entire week or month to finish. You can listen to them on your phone in your favorite podcast app without having to pay a dime.

About me

Hi there! I’m Royah Loie, the creator of Insider Mom and host of The Insider Mom Podcast. I created the Insider Mom Story Club and Insider Mom Short Stories, because as a busy mom I know how difficult it can be to find time to read. I love listening to audiobooks, but they often require a subscription to access. I want to be able to provide a free resource for mamas to check out, that won’t take hours of their time and that is something they would enjoy listening to. So join me on my writing journey and that of the contributors and feel free to provide feedback along the way, so we can create a better experience for you and fellow readers.

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