How To Stay Fit & Spend Quality Time With Your Child

Would you like to know a way you can stay fit and also spend time with your child? You might need to hit the gym, but sometimes you might not have childcare when you want to go. You need to get some cardio in or you’re gonna feel low on energy, but your kid wants to play a game. What’s a parent to do? Sure there are times you’ll want to set aside for yourself to be able to get your fitness routine into your day, but on other days why not do both.
 Go outside and play a game of tag or ball with your child…believe me you’ll get more cardio in that day running around than on most others. It seems super simple, but unfortunately today the number of kids stuck indoors watching television or playing on a computer or screen device is rising, in fact the average number of hours children have spent looking at screens has skyrocketed and it’s no fault of their own. 
Instead of doing your fitness and wellness routine alone one day, why not share that time with them even just for a few minutes, it will help them develop healthy habits early on and both you and they will benefit from the quality time together.
I totally get it, as a mom I sometimes find it hard to find time to focus on my fitness, so when I do set aside the time, I like to stick to it and I like to have that time to myself. However, I also like to spend time with my daughter, whether it’s reading a book, baking, going to the store or to the park. Sometimes we go outside to play ball or tag. On days when I’ve missed my cardio routine in the morning, I’ve realized a few games of tag can totally make up for it and I also get to spend quality time with my daughter. Though there are definitely days, I need time to myself for my own self-care. There are times I need to go on my own to be able to jog or fast-walk for a longer and farther distance than would be comfortable for her. But it’s nice on occasion to go together and it’s fun for both of us too.
What about you? Is there a specific fitness or wellness routine you practice that you can share with your child? Why not try it out, you might find it fun and a great way to share your healthy habits with them.
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About the author

About the author

Hi there! I’m Royah Loie, a doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor and the creator of The Insider Mom Podcast. Becoming a parent made me realize so many things, one of which is the incredible work so many moms do in raising their kids, work that sometimes goes unnoticed in society. It’s unfortunate because, I truly believe that moms have one of the most valuable jobs in the world .

That’s why I created Insider Mom, to help you on your journey as a person and as a parent. Whether you want to find ways to get more sleep, workout more and feel energized, learn about the best parenting strategies, make more time for self-care, or other topics, you can find it on the blog or podcast.

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