One Of The Best Period Products You’ll Want To Try

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Period what?

When you get your period, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’re out of tampons or pads.
You might’ve run out of them the previous month and forgotten to re-stock your bathroom cupboard, but chances are you probably dread such a scenario. It’s no fun being in such a situation.

What if you never had to worry about running out of your go-to menstrual product. I’m not talking about ordering a lifetime supply… In fact, there’s a really cool product you should consider trying, if you haven’t already … period underwear, and I’ll explain why below.

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Want to know about one of the BEST period products out there?

Period Underwear Impact

Period underwear is reusable and lasts for several years.
While there is an initial upfront cost, in the long-run they end up being cheaper than disposable menstrual products because you don’t have to constantly buy them each month, once you have a set. They are also better for you body and for the environment.(1)
According to a study published by the Journal of the Institution of Environmental Sciences, 700,000 disposable pantyliners, 1.4 million pads and 2.5 million tampons are flushed down the toilet every single day in the UK alone.(2)
Disposable menstrual products often contain plastic that pollutes waterways and nonorganic cotton, which contains pesticides and herbicides that are likely carcinogens.(1)
Why you'd want to consider using period underwear...

Comfortable & Breathable Period Underwear

If you’re interested in the health of your body and the planet, you might want to try menstrual underwear.
One of the best out there is from a brand called Mme L’Ovary (Mme is the French abbreviation for Madame). Now, I’ve tried many different products, but what distinguishes Mme L’Ovary from others is that they are not only comfortable, breathable, washable and re-usable, but they have multiple inserts, meaning you can wear one and change the inserts like you would a normal pad. The cool thing is, nothing goes in the trash or landfill. 

How Mme L’Ovary Got Started

Mme L’Ovary was created by friends Olivia and Erica. Olivia, a circus performer, first went about creating period underwear after seeing a pad littering a beach in Barcelona. She wanted to create a solution that would also allow her to comfortably perform, so she created several for her personal use. Several years later, Erica finds out about them and also asks for some of her own. The two ended up teaming up to find the best combination of materials and products to create the first prototypes for their company Mme L’Ovary. They’ve become a no-waste period underwear company with distribution in the US, Canada and Europe.
If you’re interested in trying them, you can go to to purchase a pair and try them out.

It’s often satisfying to use a product that’s good for you and for the environment. But one that’s actually comfortable and feels better than other options is a real gem. While it might not be possible to purchase a monthly collection up front, due to cost or the mere fact that you might want to try them out first. One way you can add to your supply is by getting a new pair once a month or every other month until you have as many as you need. That way you can reduce or eliminate your use of disposable menstrual products, using a product that’s comfortable and convenient.

Why you'll want to try period underwear...

In the video below Erica and Olivia, the founders of Mme L’Ovary, show you how Mme L’Ovary period underwear works:

(1) 5 Ways to make your period better for the environment
(2) Environmental Scientist: Water Security, Journal of the Institution of Environmental Sciences
Photos via Unsplash, in order courtesy of: Josefin, Autumn Goodman
Product photos and featured image courtesy of Mme L’Ovary

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