Surviving the Waiting Room: A Mother’s Journey to Becoming a Coach

Moira Cleary Post

An interview with Moira Cleary

Moira Cleary is a Professionally Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner, and mom of two beautiful, smart, funny teenagers who both live with often debilitating chronic invisible conditions. Over the years she has depended on support groups for information, camaraderie, and guidance. However, while in a downward spiral these were not what she needed. she needed help keeping her head above water. When she went looking, she didn’t need a parenting coach. she didn’t need a therapist. she needed a life coach who got the struggles she was going through. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any. This was a gap she saw in the current structure. So she decided to fill that gap and support other women and moms who were experiencing similar struggles.
She decided to make it her mission to help mothers find their strength so that they can show up for themselves and their families the way they want to.
She is the founder of Surviving the Waiting Room  and in this episode she talks about how she became a coach and how she balances caring for the needs of her family and herself, while building a business that supports others.
You can learn more about her work at:

Make sure to check out the episode on the podcast for the full interview…

This episode was recorded earlier and published on March 1st, 2021 on The Insider Mom Podcast
The Insider Mom Podcast

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Moira Cleary is a Professionally Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner, and mom of two beautiful, smart, funny teenagers who both live with often debilitating chronic invisible conditions. In this episode of the podcast she discusses how she became a coach to serve other mothers going through similar life experiences.

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About the host

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