How To Start A Daily Yoga Practice

daily yoga practice

As a mom and parent it can be hard to find time for personal self-care. There’s often a lot going on and you often end up having to organize things according to your kid’s, partner and household needs as well. Things can get a little crazy at times, but one way to get grounded when things seem a little up in the air, is to start a daily yoga practice. One that doesn’t involve a commute or too much prep. You might think it would be difficult to do with a busy schedule, or you might have tried before, but it didn’t work. But what if I told you there was a way to stick to a daily yoga routine, despite a hectic schedule? Well there is, and it requires a few simple steps that can make a radical difference in your day, allowing you to feel your best. 


The steps you need to take to develop a daily yoga practice are:

  • Set up a designated space in your home or room. It could be a space in your room or living space, just make sure to keep it clutter free. My family and I live in a small two bedroom apartment and I like to practice in the living room. I keep my mat in the same area next to the furniture and it makes it really convenient for me to roll out and do yoga.
  • Download a habit tracker and include Yoga as one of the items. (Check out this post on How to Create Powerful Habits and Make Them Stick)
  • Keep your yoga mat in the same room that you practice. Placing your mat in the same area that you practice makes it more convenient. Rather than fishing it out of a closet or trying to remember where you put it, keep it in the same place. If you work out of the home or you go to a local studio a couple times a week, make sure to have a second mat in your car or at your office so you don’t have to worry about where you put it and you always have one in your designated space at home. (There are some nice options, including eco-friendly mats you can find online too)
  • Sign up for or bookmark a yoga program online. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, yoga videos can only help you improve your practice. Also, having a video to follow helps you continue your practice for the designated time you set. There are multiple paid classes online which are great, though to start out on a site with free classes, check out You can choose your skill level and see courses tailored to your yoga style preferences.
  • Choose the amount of time you want to practice and set a timer. Whether it’s only 40 minutes or 10 minutes that you have that day, set a timer and make sure to do yoga for that amount of time. If you only have time for a quick 5 minute yoga stretch one day, because you had a lot going on, make sure to increase the time you practice the next day, to either a 20 minute or 30 minute practice.
  • Start small. If you aren’t used to doing yoga at home, a full hour or even 30 minutes might seem too long. If you’re really busy, shorter practices can help you continue a daily practice and still make you feel great! I suggest starting out with 5 minute sessions, increasing to 10min and then going from there….choosing a length that works for your schedule.
  • Designate one to several days a week to take a class outside of the home. Taking classes outside of the home exposes you to different styles and will have you getting longer practice sessions in. Don’t have time during the week, look for a class or classes on the weekends.
The goal is to be able to consistently practice each day so that your body feels great. Yoga has incredible benefits. By practicing every day you’ll notice a significant difference. No longer are your muscles as tense. You’ll see an increase in flexibility and less stiffness in the entire body. You’ll also be making time to take care of yourself which benefits you and your family, because when you feel good, others around you will notice and perhaps be inspired to engage in more self-care as well. You might also notice that you have more energy throughout the day to tackle whatever comes up.



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