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Hi there! I’m Royah Loie, a certified doula, childbirth educator, lactation education counselor and the creator of Insider Mom. When my daughter was born, which was before I became a lactation counselor and doula, I really struggled with breastfeeding in the early months. But I knew I wanted to stick with it, so I could help give her the best start in life possible.

Breastfeeding doesn’t always start out being super easy, but with the right information, it can make things a lot simpler and it can get to a point where it becomes effortless.
I created the Easy-Breezy Breastfeeding eCourse to provide you with helpful information, so you don’t have to struggle as much as I did. It’s the course I wish I had taken to learn about breastfeeding.
Want access to information and resources that can help you learn to breastfeed both comfortably and confidently? Be sure to check it out.
Many new moms experience breastfeeding difficulties starting out, creating problems that can continue or worsen if not addressed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

The Easy-Breezy Breastfeeding online course is for new and expecting moms that:

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be hard.

Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to learn to breastfeed comfortably, in less than a day!

This online course will show you how.

With the right support, resources and knowledge, breastfeeding can become both comfortable and convenient.


While breastfeeding is a totally normal process, complications can quickly arise when the right strategies aren’t used. Something as simple as having the wrong latch and incorrect body positioning can create soreness and even result in bleeding, making breastfeeding very uncomfortable and even painful.


Not everyone has the time to attend a breastfeeding class outside of home and some classes can be expensive or even boring. Also, you don’t always have the opportunity to go back to see and hear what the instructor was explaining, when you run into a problem or question.

You may not have relatives or friends nearby with extensive breastfeeding experience that can show you what to do, or you may have received out-dated advice that didn’t really help you.


Starting out, breastfeeding can be tough. Without the right information, support and community it can be hard and sometimes painful and even stressful.

 In fact, when I first started breastfeeding that’s how it was for me. I knew I wanted to stick with it and give my daughter the best start in life possible, but I didn’t know the right techniques that would help me avoid complications. I read articles, books and searched online, but the bits and pieces of information here and there, were hard to put together…

At some point, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed with figuring out what to do as well.

But there's definitely a solution...

What if you could take an informative breastfeeding class right in the comfort of your own home?

What if you could have someone with experience who is also trained in breastfeeding education, teach you what to do from the start so you could avoid breastfeeding problems all together?

Or if you’ve already started and have faced difficulties, what if you could learn the proper techniques and tips to help you avoid further complications?

Well, you can…

You can learn right from the comfort of your own home.

The Easy-Breezy Breastfeeding eCourse will provide you with strategies and tips to help you breastfeed comfortably.


Laid-back breastfeeding

The Easy-Breezy Breastfeeding course contains five short modules, packed with helpful information, which means:

You can you can finish the course in less than a day!

Want to totally prepare for breastfeeding?

Get Instant Access!

What's included in the Easy-Breezy Breastfeeding Program:

With the Easy-Breezy Breastfeeding eCourse you’ll get access to a five module eCourse covering the following topics:

  •  The Benefits of Breastfeeding & Risks of Not
  • The Top Tips for Breastfeeding Success
  • The Right Latch & Positioning
  •  How to Know if Baby is Getting Enough Breastmilk
  •  Common Concerns and What to Do
  • Breastfeeding Plan – Going to work/school or staying home with baby

This eCourse provides easily digestible information in video format along with additional checklists, worksheets and resources to print out.

These are the bonuses you get when you sign up for Easy-Breezy Breastfeeding:

Be totally prepared for breastfeeding.

When you sign up, you’ll automatically receive our comprehensive resource bundle that contains:

  • The Top Tips for Breastfeeding Success Checklist
  • Weekly Self-Care Schedule
  • Breastfeeding Log
  • Baby poo/pee Log
  • Recommended Reading List – with some of the best books on breastfeeding and the postpartum period that you’ll want to check out.

Make tasty meals and snacks in minutes!

You can eat most foods and breastfeed, but if you want nourishing recipes that are tasty, healthy and easy to prepare, we’ve got you covered!

The Quick and Easy Lactation Snacks & Meals eBook contains simple recipes for the prenatal and postpartum period that take minutes to prepare.

Get expert tips from some of the best breastfeeding & birth professionals

You’ll get access to video interviews with some of the top breastfeeding experts and lactation counselors. Learn some of the best tips and strategies from Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants and birth and breastfeeding experts.

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If you want to learn how to breastfeed comfortably, while also learning how to avoid the most common breastfeeding complications, you’ll love this course!

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