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Do you ever feel that it’s not easy to find time for yourself? You want to be there for your kids and family, but you also have ambitions to make a positive difference and work on projects that matter to you. You probably also wish you had more hours in the day for self-care, as well as more free time for quality time with your little ones.  Insider Mom is a gathering hub for modern women, mothers and change-makers wanting to thrive in parenthood and life. We provide tips and strategies to help you overcome obstacles that make it difficult to make time for yourself, your loved ones and the things that matter to you. We realize that many women and mothers are putting their desires and ambitions on the back burner to take care of their families. But what if you could do both? Sure, we understand that it’s tough to do everything all at once and multitasking doesn’t always work. Also, depending on where you’re at on your parenting journey, things will be different. We understand those differences and stages, and strive to provide solutions for each.  Overall, what we hope to do is help you with the right planning, support and strategies that will free up energy and space in your schedule for the things that matter.

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