2 Ingredient Banana Raspberry Ice Cream

2 ingredient ice cream recipe
If you love dessert, but don’t always like how it makes you feel later or if you want something tasty, but light after a meal, this is a really simple recipe that LITERALLY  only has 2 ingredients….I’m not kidding you. There is a method to making it though, but it’s fairly quick and easy, if you’ve frozen the ingredients beforehand. You also do NOT need to have an ice cream maker to make it. 🙂 Just a high powered blender or food processor.
3 Bananas
1 cup Raspberries
  1. Cut the bananas into 1/4 of an inch pieces and place them on a cookie sheet (that you’ve either greased earlier with your preferred cooking oil or instead place parchment paper on the cookie sheet and place the round banana pieces on them)
  2. Place the bananas with the cookie sheet in the freezer, until frozen (could be a couple hours, or you could leave them overnight)
  3. Wash and place raspberries in the freezer (in a freezer safe reusable container) or purchased pre-washed an frozen raspberries
  4. Place the frozen raspberries and bananas (1/2 cup at a time) in the high powered blender or food processor and pulse, then blend until smooth and creamy.
  5. Empty ice cream into bowls and the rest into freezer safe reusable containers
*Tip: If you’ve made the ice cream and it’s not creamy enough as you blend it, you can add some almond milk (not too much, a couple tablespoons, but less than 1/4 cup). Also, it should be tasty as is, but if you want to make it sweeter, feel free to use a 2-3 tablespoons of maple syrup to sweeten it up a bit.
Try it, and let us know if you like it in the comments below. Also, are there any healthy dessert recipes you’d recommend? We’d love it if you’d share.
2 ingredient healthy ice cream



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